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and VOICE of the Community.

The Team

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

None of this would be possible without our team and this awesome and diverse group of visionaries have proven to be loyal and passionate about our goals to keep the community fed with great music, art, business, and knowledge to help build as opposed to destroy. Each person lends their talents and skills, and no one (as of yet) has gotten paid a dime to do so. It’s all about the people.

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Rachael Yvonne Davis

Miss New York Plus America 2014| Miss Texas Plus America 2013| True Philanthropist at Heart | Entrepreneur | Model | Reaching my maximum potential & helping others around me do the same | Uber Zesty & Oh So Fantabulous

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Rachael has been a part of the team for the entire year and no one can bring the type of bubbly she brings. This woman is truly all over the place spreading her light and she is a person who is certainly in the know. She has been a gem and Mokah Soufly is especially grateful; Rachael keeps the audience up on the entertainment and community happenings. In addition to keeping us in the loop, she is also a marketing and PR power house. Anytime we need her, she has been there and shares her skills out of the kindness of her heart and the passion she has for what we do. We are thrilled to have her be a part of the team.

Brenian Swift

Brenian Swift is the creative director and resident genius. He helps to choose the topics that are discussed on the show in addition to finding the videos and music that we showcase. He is also, along with Mokah Soulfly, an on-air personality and creator of the show. Brenian is an artist himself and somehow finds gems from all over the country and the world to share with our audience. Let Mokah Soulfly tell it, he is also the resident fool and part-time comedian. If you are looking for a nickname, or an idea about a project, he’s your guy!


Mokah Soulfly

Mokah Soulfly is one of the on-air personalities and producer of the show. She books the guests, outlines the programming, and helps to make sure the ship runs. She is also the advertising director and in charge of communications with various partner networks that allows the guests to tap into a larger audience. Another hat that she wears is web designer and until she can add a full-time graphic designer to the team, she creates the flyers as well. Along with Brenian Swift, she created the show as an audio only that first aired on Yessurr FM beginning January 23,2013. The name started out as Metro Flex Radio and eventually morphed into Grass Root Salute!

“Going into our 2nd year, the ride has been an amazing one. As an artist and business person, it was important for me to create an outlet for artists who aren’t normally played on main stream channels. I’ve met so many amazing people in many different industries and I look forward to continuing to build our communities”.


Who We Are

Check Out Our New Intro:

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WELCOME to the Grass Root Salute Video Show!

We Play What We Like to Hear – Hip-Hop, R&B, Dub, Electronic, Trip-Hop, Jazz Hop & Afro Futurism & More

Independent, Underground, & Album Sleepers

Conscious Topics – Music Business & Politics

Events & Opportunities

We AIR LIVE Every Other Monday Since August 8,2013, 8p CST on Deep Ellum On Air, Sundays 8p CST on YessurrFM! 

DEOA and Yessurr


 Our Mission as a Movement

Our mission is to provide a place and forum for the conscious and communalistic sector of the grassroots to be heard. Seeing as how many of our local radio stations have been provided and are dominated by self-serving, money-hungry corporate types who arbitrate what is played and heard and reject most anything conscious and thoughtful that comes from the people and homegrown culture of the grassroots sector, we thought it was needed and important that a channel and avenue that could serve as a means for our voices to be heard by the masses be provided.  Thus Hunter and myself created the Grass Root Salute Radio Show to serve this end.  What we hope to achieve with this venture is summed up in the following:

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1. To let the voice of the common man or woman be heard on matters concerning issues that matter most to him or her such as matters including, but not limited to, the following: political, cultural, economic, health and spiritual concerns

2. To provide a public forum and spotlight for conscious artists, community activists and conscious entrepreneurs to showcase their unique talents and abilities, share of themselves and their unique message with fans, champion their causes and progressive visions, and promote their useful products and services to the community

3. To provide programming designed to educate, inform, involve, inspire, enlighten and motivate the masses to make concerted and conscious efforts towards deterministic influence of our own destinies as individuals and as a collective community of people



Being conscious is to be aware of the fact
That you are a spiritual being in human form,
That you are a passing traveler through time
In this earth walk born.

To be conscious is to know
That you are never alone,
For all around you are other living beings
With whom you share this beautiful blue planet we’re on.

Being conscious is to know
You always have a choice,
That you deserve to be heard
And given a voice.

Being conscious is to be alert and aware
And look before you leap,
To know who you are and where you’re headed
Under the stability and power of your own two feet.

Being conscious is to know
No man should ever bow or be made slave to another
For in spirit, we are all equals,
Children of the Great Mother – earthly sisters and brothers.

Being conscious is to brave the darkness
In search of the light, not to roll over to ignorance or tyranny
But to stand up and fight
For what you know in your heart to be just and right.

Being conscious is to learn from one another,
To love, grow, and know
That the power of Spirit dwells everywhere
And in everything, no matter how high or low.

Being conscious is to do what your heart and soul
Compel you to do,
To make no apologizes to anyone
For ever expressing that which is uniquely you.


We are excited to have our first batch of Grass Root Salute Video Show T-shirts! It takes more than you know to keep this show going and we need your support to get greater so that we can shine a greater light on our indie artists and business owners who deserve that extra shine!

Fill out the form below and purchase a shirt or two! We will be having some selfie contests, so get ready to post your pic!! Thank you SO much for the love and support!

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  • Address: 2630 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75201
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We will respond to any requests or inquiries within 24 hours.

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