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About Last Night – #DDFWMasterOfTheMic

UPDATE! Check out the interviews!!


Brenian Swift, Alsace Carcione, Mokah Soulfly before the show live on YessurrFM.

I’m not sure where to begin. I’m going to try my best to not use the word awesome and amazing in abundance so as to not irritate the hell out of you – we’ll see how it works out for me. So, about last night…The DDFW Master of the Mic competition came to a close with excitement high and nerves in knots for the contestants. Each and every one of them poured themselves onto the stage with no holds barred. Callie Dee worked her ass off from vision to manifestation, bumps and bruises, ups and downs – she and her team pulled off one of the best hiphop events for Dallas Fort Worth & Denton artists, hands down.

From more than 60 contestants across 3 cities – Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth (hence the name) – emcee’s competed over the span of a few months until only two contestants from each city stood on the stage for the last round of competition. Alsace Carcione and T. Lindsey represented Dallas, Pudge Brewery and Ritchy FLo represented Denton, and Mark Spits and Madame Mims represented Fort Worth. The competition was beyond stiff and I was thrilled after having been a judge for one of the Denton competitions, that I was not one of the esteemed judges who had to decide who the winner would be. I can only imagine how it felt for these up and coming artists to have the opportunity to perform for Dallas greats Erykah Badu, Durrough, The D.O.C. and Christopher TipToe Williams. The contestants with whom we had an opportunity to interview all agreed that having the chance to showcase their talents for this panel meant that regardless of the outcome, they were already winners.


B Swift, Madame Mims, Mokah Soulfly live on YessurrFM before the show.

All of the artists went all the way in – great energy, stage presence, and good song choices made for a true showcase of DDFW Hiphop. There were so many stand out moments from each of the sets and for me, some definite surprises as well. I had the opportunity to hear Madame Mims’ latest project Parasomnia which I’ll describe as a laid back, somewhat spacey, afro futuro type vibe (sidenote: cop it, it’s greatness!). So on her last couple of songs when she dipped into some trap beats with fire lyrics I was like – WHOA! I hadn’t met that Mims yet and I was happy and pretty damn hype to make her acquaintance. Also – I was more than impressed with T. Lindsey’s performance. On several occasions I looked over to my great friend (and brilliant artist by the way) Dehvon Alexandrea with a heavy nod of the head and that dirty south crunch face that always precedes “MAN!!”. Yeah, it was like that. He can no longer be called a sleeper or underdog on any stage – definitely made a new fan out of me.


Mokah Soulfly, The D.O.C.

Now, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, clearly, I’m biased. Not only am I grateful to call the winner my friend, after knowing her for many moons what I have always been of her creativity, delivery, and energy is a super fan! Congrats goes out to Alsace Carcione whose live show as described by an onlooker was PRO! PRO! PRO! I mean, she, Diva Sol (amazeballs voice), and her band really put on a show and if you’ve seen her perform before last night, you know that it wasn’t just because of the celebrity judges, it is because she ALWAYS puts on a helluva show. She’s a consummate professional musician and artist and I’m super excited to see how the amazing prizes sponsored by our entertainment community will propel her career further forward faster. So yeah, on a side note, I’m pretty sure we started a mild mosh pit at the front of the stage – “cause’ we Been Grindin'” – ahahah, you should have been there!!


Erykah Badu, Mokah Soulfly – Energy was fantastic!

I’m still high from the energy and love. Got a chance to meet and have a brief hello with Erykah Badu – definitely one of my greatest inspirations. I didn’t cry nor pee on myself, I held my cool. I mean, what can ya do – I’ve been a fan since On & On. TipToe, I’m grateful to know him as a friend in an outside of the industry, always so selfless and willing to use his resources to see other’s succeed. Durrough was cool as a fan, and I thought it was awesome that The D.O.C. remembered who I was from a studio session in which I did some backup vocals for then JT, now Justus. He, Antonio Hall, and JT were working on the demo to send to Dr Dre – it was cool to have put a pinky toe in it, lol! Anywho, they all took the time to meet and greet the VIP ticket holders, take pictures, and through it all – the energy was just so delicious. Nothing like being around people who keep their feet on the ground regardless of how elevated they may be. Refreshing indeed!


Back row: (unknown), Michael Lagocki, Dezi, Moody Fuqua, Slim Gravy – Middle: JT (thomas), DJ Night Nurse, Ashley Falgout, Mokah Soulfly – Front: Christy Jeddigoddess, Nicolas James Harris, Dehvon Alexandrea

All in all, between hearing the contestants rock out, seeing some friends I hand’t seen in a long time, and getting in some great interviews (footage coming soon), the night accomplished exactly what Callie Dee set out to do. It brought the artist community in the metroplex together in a major way. The city is definitely on the right track with events like this, Elements of Hip Hop and others who continue to create platforms to boost our indie artist community. The Root is excited to continue to do our part and we are grateful to be in the mix.


Mokah Soulfly