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#iStandard Producer Showcase: Head Bobbing Greatness

On Monday, November 9th, I had the opportunity to witness the grand finale of the iStandard Beat Camp Dallas Weekend! The producer showcase was something special indeed! I had an absolute blast and I do believe my neck is still a bit sore from the constant bob of my head while the producers, some seasoned, some breaking their way into the game, showcased their talents. The diversity of the producers themselves was evident in their musical styles, unique to their experience and equipment/producer tool selections.


What I loved most was the willingness of the judges – Oktober 1st, Jay Oliver, and S1 – to be so very thoughtful in their feedback. Recommendations about the mix, how to better use the production software, excitement about chord progressions, both positive and constructive criticism were delivered to the up and coming producers with humble energy. Also, the producers themselves showed support for one another – something I’m starting to see more and more on the Dallas scene! I’m thinking perhaps the way these producers are coming together to support and build one another is the start of something much larger than the act in and of itself. Perhaps the comradery will rub off on the hip hop artists on the scene as well.

A bonus – I got to see Peep Signs mic wreck, which was all kinds of awesome. There’s nothing quite like a young brother with subjective, thought provoking lyrics. Be on the look out for him, kicking down lyrical doors.

Huge shout out to Candace Manns, Mike Myza, and the rest of the iStandard Producer Team for allowing us to cover the event. We had a blast with Mike on the Grass Root Salute Show and were thrilled that he agreed to come and hang with us to share his insight on the producer scene.

Mokah Soulfly

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