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#NewMusicReview: Blown Away by Who’s Next?


So sure – let’s get this out of the way – I’m biased as hell. I’ve been knowing Thomas Who?, then known as X-1 for quite a few moons and since day one I’ve been consistently amazed by the way he releases his creativity. I met him at Coffee Music Hub’s and Cool Beings joint Hip-Hop Open Mics and he always killed it.

Thomas Who is the epitome of what it looks like to couple catchy hooks with meaningful lyrics in a mainstream type fashion as far as feel and flow. The only comparison I can really make would be in regards to what I envision as the success that will befall him with the release of these next couple projects – you heard it here first; remember how Drake was being nominated for awards off the strength of a mixtape – well, that is the type of potential I see in Thomas Who.

I almost wrecked my car from the energy alone that began pumping through my veins – spoken word to jump it off and let us know how serious it was about to be with “Who Knew”. A brilliant ride of the beat, and shit talking like only a self proclaimed consciously aware Christian can do. A person who is not only afraid to just BE, but who also allows those around him to do the same – just a little bit about the man he is if I can interject, and I can, cause’ I’m the author of this here post (*chuckles).

Who’s Next features some brothers I consider both great artists and friends whose acquaintance I made when I was hanging tough with the PAEME crew – Jordan Frescher, Dewun Music, and Wordsmith graced the project in some very well placed appearances – flow, vocals, and lyrics on as you would expect from damn near every artist who surfaced from that collective – each musical beasts in their own right.

thomas who picMuch of the production on this project is up beat, something you would expect to hear from the next trap collective – But NO! – every lyric has both meaning, power, and substance behind it. I’m babbling a bit (can I say that when I’m writing??), and the reason for that is simple – my brain is wrecked about what song to point out as a potential fave – I landed on not doing that to myself. EVERY song felt so good, made my face crunch up like I just smelled something super foul and that’s what this project is – Sick to the nth degree in the greatest way. Imagine the face you make (this will be easier if you have H-town ties) every time the song “South Side” comes on – Who’s Next is filled with bars that bring forth a potential “Man Hold UP!” type response.

The topics cover romantic passion (“Come My Way”), revolutionary tones outlined and extremely poignant in today’s social climate with a hellafied (I’m so seasoned for using that word)  feature from Ms. Hiphop (“Corretta’s King”),  and I suppose I will predict although the choices are vast that there lies an anthem on the album (“Day 1”).

Judge for yourself!

This project is about to drop so stay tuned in by following Thomas Who rat now (no typo).

– Hunter (Mokah Soulfly)

P.S. – If you are in or near the Oklahoma City area and want to catch Thomas Who & other great artists live, check this out – May 15th will be a night of Hiphop you don’t want to miss.

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