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R datasets package

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Download, Ability and Intelligence Tests. airmiles, Passenger Miles on Commercial US Airlines, AirPassengers, Monthly Airline Passenger Numbers  Datasets Package - Iris - Cars - Next, we'll describe some of the most used R demo data sets: mtcars, iris, Getting help with functions in R programming · Installing and using R packages. Package, Item, Title, Rows, Cols, CSV, Doc. boot, acme, Monthly Excess Returns, 60, 3, CSV · DOC. boot, aids, Delay in AIDS Reporting in England and Wales.

Once you start your R program, there are example data sets available within R along with loaded packages. You can list the data sets by their names and then. 14 Dec Interface for Loading Datasets. Visual interface for loading datasets in RStudio from all installed (unloaded) packages. 14 Dec Description Visual interface for loading datasets in RStudio from all installed ( unloaded) packages. Depends R (>= ). Imports shiny, miniUI.

Base R datasets. Details. This package contains a variety of datasets. For a complete list, use library(help = "datasets"). 23 Jul The goal of these packages is to provide some interesting, and relatively large, datasets to demonstrate various data analysis challenges in R. There are several ways to find the included datasets in R: 1: Using data() will give you a list of the datasets of all loaded packages (and not only. Datasets in R packages. Click column headers for sorting. Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list of all data objects in R. It only contains data objects for. 18 May If there's a data/ subdirectory in the package directory, R will also make any data files there available. In R, the dataset has the same name as.



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